Sunday, January 16, 2011

Closing the BN board / Stevie's new single

Well, it was a long time coming, but I'm getting rid of the Buckingham Nicks message board. As many of you know, I stopped being able to actively moderate it several years ago when I started working on my dissertation. Lately, a lot of spammers have struck it, and I'd rather get rid of it than have it be a board of spam. If there's something you'd like to copy off of there - perhaps old reviews or something - please do so within the next week.

It's been a great run and I want to personally thank everyone who participated in the community over the years. We had some wild times back in the day! I'll never forget 'em.

In happier news, there are a lot of exciting things going on in the fandom now. Stevie is putting out a new album and touring with Rod Stewart soon, and her first single, the updated "Secret Love", has just been made available to anyone who pre-orders her album In Your Dreams. Lindsey also has an album coming out soon, as yet untitled.

Obviously, I haven't been keeping up with things here on the site. However, there is a place that always keeps up with the news and that I check out whenever I want to know what's happening. I encourage you to do the same. Many of you probably are already familiar with it. I'm talking about:

Fleetwood Mac News and Reviews

By the way, the closure of the board does not presage the closure of the site. will stay online as long as I retain my mental faculties and my credit card number.


  1. Nancy, I'm sorry to hear your decision to close the discussion board. Would you consider at least keeping it open a little longer? Thanks for all your work on this site, it has been my main source for all things Buckingham Nicks for several years now and I hope it never goes away entirely. Thanks again.

  2. Is the Buckingham Nicks Messageboard not going to be accessable at all? The bootleg bin was awesome. I think I got alot from it, but htat was a awhile ago. Both sites are GREAT. Sorry to hear this. Please let me know. Thank you. Tammie

  3. Well, I can keep it up, but it's not getting used so it looks a little lame, you know?

  4. I've decided to leave it open to view, but not to post - and no new members accepted.