Sunday, February 3, 2013

Fleetwood Mac mounts world tour in 2013

While this news is not exactly hot off the presses, I'm adding for your convenience links to the tour dates on the right sidebar of the site. Fleetwood Mac is playing not only the USA and Canada but is also planning dates in the UK, Europe, and Australia. Who knows where else they will go?

You can also buy VIP packages from - these include a meet'n'greet with Mick Fleetwood and a seat that is guaranteed to be in the first five rows for most dates for $425. Alternatively, you can get the meet'n'greet with a seat guaranteed to be in the first twenty rows for $375. Considering what you get, I think it's a fair price.

Note: If you get the VIP package, I strongly recommend you double-check your order and call for verbal confirmation. I say this because my order was completely screwed up the first time and I was charged for two seats that I didn't actually get (they were apparently double-sold to someone else who was buying at the same time due to a computer glitch). Don't be satisfied with email confirmation. Even though they charged my card and the order was confirmed via email, the other people got the seats. If I hadn't noticed my email confirmation had no seat numbers and called to inquire, I would have flown to Columbus to find someone else in the seats and myself out of luck.  A refund would have been cold comfort and wouldn't have covered my plane ticket, rental car, and hotel. Thank God I called them!

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