Saturday, December 8, 2012

New songs from Lindsey Buckingham on soundtrack released Dec. 11

According to ABC News Radio, three new songs from Lindsey Buckingham will appear on the soundtrack for This is 40.  Lindsey's three songs are "Sick of You," "She Acts Like You," and "Brother & Sister." An additional treat is that "Brother & Sister" features Norah Jones.

The soundtrack will be released December 11 and can be purchased on sites like as well as your local music store.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Lindsey Buckingham releasing new live album available on iTunes Nov. 13

Lindsey Buckingham's most recent tour has featured the man performing completely solo: no backing band, just Lindsey and his guitars.  Now, he's set to release a recording of one of those shows as a digital download on iTunes. According to Lindsey:

"This performance is from a single night in Des Moines…taken right off the console mix, with a couple of room mikes added in. [....] It's live and raw, with no post-production.  I love it!  It captures not only the spirit of the performance, but also the spirit of where I now live as an artist."
It will be available on iTunes November 13.

Source: ABC News Radio Online